Starting from ₹3500

Champa Baag Resort offers 10 guest-rooms and one luxury suite, ranging in size from 220 sq ft. to 750 sq ft. with light ironbark decor against off white hued walls.


Room Types

Standard Rooms

Our guest-special standard rooms are stocked full of amenities and excellent facilities, with any service you need right at your doorsteps.

Room Size : 220 sq. Ft

Tariff: 3500 INR + GST
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Super Deluxe Rooms

A large enclosed space with furnished rooms, lovely amenities and a hospitable staff waiting for you anytime you need them. Super Deluxe is one of our best available rooms in Champa Baag.

Room Size : 260 sq. Ft

Tariff: 5500 INR + GST
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Deluxe Rooms

Named after Jasmin, Lotus and Rose, the rooms are just as lovely as their namesakes. Modern furnished amenities in every room guaranteed.

Room Size : 220 sq. Ft

Tariff: 4500 INR + GST
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King Suite

The ‘Touch Me Not’ suite is so great no other suite can come near to it. One of our largest and grandest rooms, with any amenity and furnishing you need, it’s right at your doorsteps.

Room Size : 750 sq. Ft

Tariff: 7500 INR + GST
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